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With two successful cruise events under her belt, many have asked the producer how Reggae at Sea (RAS) came to be.

This is her story...


Reggae at Sea was born from a love of music and a strong desire to bring fans of reggae, a unique, exclusive experience they couldn’t easily have anywhere else. The idea came after a long two-year pandemic where everyone had nothing much to do but dream about getting back to traveling and live concerts where music families could reunite. But the wait was long, giving way to many nights of creative planning and nurturing of this crazy boat idea.


So, the conversations flowed, and the momentum picked up and what was once an idea written on paper in 2021 quickly became a topic talked about amongst close friends and family, often. At the end of 2022, after returning home from

Cancun in December (attended Closer to the Sun for the third year), the producer/promoter of this event set the wheels

in motion and got her business license under her stage name and Daisy DeVine Productions (DD Productions)

became a reality. Producing successful burlesque shows in Los Angeles County for more than five years, she decided to move into the music space as it was always her first love. It wasn’t long before Reggae at Sea was a reality.

The event became her new focus and passion.












As a long time music supporter, traveling the country and the world for festivals (e.g. Reggae Rise Up Florida, Closer

to the Sun, Dry Diggins, Cali Vibes, etc..) she knew she wanted to make this event special. Different. Details that

she loved about each of these festival experiences were gleaned from and would become part of her

concert cruise experiences for her attendees going forward.


All RAS events and lineups have been carefully cultivated and will be something that people will absolutely

remember for a lifetime. We hope you will join us for a future event!


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